The ‘19 King

The disease of suffocation
It came in with a punch, and suffocated a few
And slowly it suffocated all...
Their reason dried up, their minds oxidized, their jobs evaporated, their rights exhausted...
A suffocating disease... It grew a mucus of fear on our breathing organs, and expressed itself in our stead
Only those who could sweat it out, overcome the pain inside, avoid anti inflammatory medication,
...They navigate to the new world
A new world ordered from the lifeless weight watching you, pressuring you, with fines and detainment
A new hierarchy of vaccine stamp status, QR tattoos, some of us have seen the signs of the future...
all the politicians fled too early to somewhere tropical..
They were publicly shamed for making the most reasonable decision..
To leave the country they fucked..
To somewhere less suffocating

Let me