Freedom How-To

For freedom's a journey, it's yours to reap, To begin again, just return to the peak.

Freedom How-To
Trying to doze in a train station... I thought I was 20 mins early... but i was actually 50 mins early... that leaves 30 mins for a nap.

Sharing with you a little note on freedom... I feel I have to express but in an indirect way... otherwise I start sounding like a preachy lunatic.

I hope you already know how vast the sea of consciousness is...
and how deep in the wilderness Truth remains King...
Everything we see is just an illusion...
And all these cliches have already been repeated... by losers.

It's a guarantee that AI could write a better note than this, and probably write you a book about escaping the Matrix. I wonder why doesn't anyone ask?

It seems we are comfortably broken into atom-sized pieces... packed into a skin suit... destined to march in circles around the things that cause our suffering.

Asking.... did God do this? TO ME? With me? Through me? Me

You did all this. And you'll never be free. Until your embrace Feer and transform it.

Fear? Feer. Feel. Phil... Fill... zero. 0. nothing. free. they say false evidence appearing real. That's why knowing... what is real. What is real? Nothing is real.

It's crazy... but you never find it. People look for certainty... and that's not real. They might say Death... but they can never meet it.

The moment is also fleeting... the attention wandering... the body crumbling...

There's no time, they say... to figure it all out. Why waste your time on a fruitless pursuit?

The dream is real. Not even the dreamer. There is no waking up. There is no lucidity.

Find your purpose, your Love, and live in the dream. Cast your spells. Because here magic is real.

Without reason you return to being a mindless plus one...
A background character that's not any fun...
Checking for updates and emails and pings.
Listening to news about tragedies and things that might be

Give all that up and come back to yourself
Remember who you were before you knew there was hell
Before someone bad could catch you and beat you
Before your actions broke infinity around you

I have to say in the end I know nothing...
Just sharing a feeling...
Hope if you take it it serves you well

Seeking personal and inner liberation,
A quest for truth, a sacred sensation,
Why, oh why, do so few attain,
The realms of self, free from the chain?
In this gritty chronicle, I shall convey,
How to break the bonds that lead astray,
First, define your freedom, make it your creed,
A unique path, not everyone's need.
Some yearn for wealth, others for art,
Or spiritual connection, a lifeline to start,
To discover your path, the key to your cell,
Unearth your desires, let them cast their spell.
Fear, that wicked specter, does confound,
It's the demon that keeps us bound,
Fear of the unknown, fear to be free,
But to taste true liberty, challenge it, see?
Risks are the gambles that fortunes unveil,
Embrace the failures, let your courage set sail,
Change is a friend, not a foe to resent,
In its winding course, our growth is lent.
Next, let your deeds sing in harmony,
With values you hold, your inner symphony,
It's not just the options, but the choices you make,
In your heart's alignment, your freedom will wake.
It's not merely about doing as you please,
But pursuing your essence with sure expertise,
Act with honesty, let authenticity thrive,
In your truth, your personal freedom shall arrive.
Embrace your passion, honor your word,
In the web of life, let your impact be heard,
Respect others' rights, in your journey unfurl,
For true freedom respects, in its dance and twirl.
This pursuit is not facile, my friend, it's true,
It demands your spirit, unwavering and true,
Self-knowledge, acceptance, and love in your sight,
Change from within, and your world will ignite.
And if ever you stumble, falter, or fall,
Don't despair, don't you linger, don't you crawl,
For freedom's a journey, it's yours to reap,
To begin again, just return to the peak.
Restart from the top, let your spirit ignite,
With each new dawn, embrace the light,
In this cycle of growth, in the dance of the free,
From the depths of your soul, you'll eternally see.