Who… am I

Exploring Freedom: Body, Art and Contemplation

Welcome to ADI CHEO, where I share my passions and my path of unconventional freedom. Through bodywork, art, and essays on breaking free from the matrix, I aim to inspire others to find their own joy and liberation.

My Purpose: I'm a harmonious creative on a quest for freedom, sharing joy and wisdom through travel, martial arts, and transformative experiences.

What I offer:

  • Bodywork Experiments: Movement, massage, and healing modalities in Puerto Escondido, Mexico (Contact me to participate!)
  • Poetry & Art Circles: Explore my poems for insights and inspiration, then come write in one of the circles.
  • Freedom Essays: Delve into my writings on shattering the matrix and reclaiming your true power.

Want to Escape the Matrix? I offer 1-on-1 freedom consulting to help you unlock your potential and break free from limiting beliefs. Learn more

Joyful NowHere
An all inclusive training retreat to escape limitations and live a location independent and resourcefully secure life.

Latest Reflection: Check out my Self-Portrait article for my deeper thoughts on the journey.

The energy dynamics of a self portrait… the peak and crash. Chasing recognition and being lovingly ignored.