puerto boy reflections

i’m disconnected from the mainframe societal con game… i’m un vaxxed, un taxed, and sometimes i get my legs waxed… i’m unemployed and uninterested… i’m incompatible with 9 to 5… i’d rather lay on the beach and stay high

puerto boy reflections
Matt hanging in the bro cave during an adventure to Puerto's hidden beach...

I’m a puerto boy

a puerto vortex boy
I’m here to find myself
I’m here to upgrade my definitions my ideas and conceptions
I’m here to download my future, my vision, my resolutions

a puerto boy
I’m having fun chilling vibin I’m riding
ridin the wave
taking it slow and always making progress

I’m a poor boy
My girlfriends got an only fans to pay for our float toys
i got a surf board, a body board, a hand board,
skate board, a surfskate board, and a concrete headboard

i dont wear undearwear
i dont wear undearwear unless i’m going somewhere
where i cant show my pubic hair

i sky dive, I ride high, I trip deep, and I love sleep
i don’t take drugs but i like to party
i dont give hugs i impregnate mamis
my mamis got babies riding doggos under palm trees

i’m a puerto boy
i’m healing i’m feeling and on the full moon i’m gleaming
i got my chakras aligned to my star ⭐️ signs
i know my human design connects my life purpose to my life coaches bank account

i got starlink
i got starlink to connect my zoom calls for my side hustle
I freelance on the inter-web to design the next generation of crypto
my money is digital but my vehicles are manual
my moto’s gas reads empty but my karma is full

when chicks ask how big are you?
i don’t know
whether to give my answer in centimeters, feet and inches,
fists and slaps, or micrograms and slow puffs
either way the answer is not enough
you’re gonna have to see it to believe it
so put it on your tongue
chew it softly without swallowing
and let it soak in for another 5-30 minutes

then you’ll see i’m disconnected from the mainframe societal con game
i’m un vaxxed, un taxed, and sometimes i get my legs waxed
i’m unemployed and uninterested
i’m incompatible with 9 to 5
i’d rather lay on the beach and stay high

i need massages and fruits,
i need movement, i play beach volleyball, i swim big waves
and i tell tall tales
i love adventure, i love risking it all,
i love pushing all the boundaries, and making people uncomfortable
my yoga teacher is super flexible,
but i swear i didn’t stretch her out at all

i see patterns everywhere, everything is flowing
always changing, sometimes growing
i see colors you don’t even know
i receive messages even when there’s no cell phone
my spirit guides keep the ocean tides within my swimming ability
the source feeds the energy i need to maintain my likability
and everything i say come with no warranty or liability

nothing makes sense
nothing makes sense
if you can’t sense that the intense incense is incensed by your lack of sense
you better stop being so tense
or you might have what some would call a bad trip

i don’t trip
i don’t trip cause i’m already horizontal, frontal and totally naked
my friends come to visit me in this puerto prison
i can’t escape because i can’t take the feelings of my wakened state
to places where people are scared of hate

my friends come to visit and i show the my new world
my parents came for Christmas
and i got them the most original gift of all
an appointment with the love dimension
yeah that’s all

sometimes i eat tacos in centro and have to pooo
sometimes i see some wind breezed hair and i think of you

i’m a puerto boy and i got puero friends
musicians, shamans, drug dealers, healers, and yoga teachers
jujitsu fighters, guys with lighters, surfers, salsa dancers and salsa makers

i got girlfriends, girls that are friends, and girls that are from France
i got exes that live in texas, and i got my wife and the mistress
my friends own restaurants, hotels, and those things where people lift barbells
i don’t know why sometimes i wonder if this paradise is actually hell

The whole world at your fingertips, the ocean at your door