I can catch death lurking
Following me through some scarcely lit streets
In dark waves crashing
But not into me

I’m ready to die
To face the abyss
Meet a god
Or replay my list
Whatever you prepare
Some ceremony
To say farewell
Make my peace
Join the conscious eternity
Or burn away for all these sins

Well show your face
Why do you think
you need to surprise me?
I’m not waiting
I’m just ready
Is there anything else i need to see?
I’ve already been as big as i’ll be

Well i’m not in a rush either
I don’t need to go early
Some might even pretend to miss me
Or tell some story
They knew me and something
They never ask
How my shadow follows
Death looking around a corner
Waiting to for the moment
To dance with me

At least this time when we meet
I hope you don’t just disappear
Stay with me at least a bit
To get a rhythm and feel the beat
Eternal truth shines

Rest easy my friend