Enough of you

Enough of you

Well I don't know

what you want from me

I guess you want it all

And I don't have

Nothing to give

I guess I gave it all

I read your voice

It follows me

I guess I should ignore

Just like when you told me

That I'm scared to be who I want to be

So I guess I prefer to fall

What do you want feel?

What do you think you can heal?

Why don't you see at all?

I'm gonna take myself to the cliff

Have a drink and smoke a spliff

Stroke my dick then take a piss

What did you say you want from me?

I'm ready to dissolve

Nothing to say

nothing to do

Can change the game

Can play the truth

Just throw your darts

And I'll tell you

You're far away

With much to lose

Take your pick or take it all

Nothing is for me

Nothing at all

Just fuck right off

At least till fall