Capture a Memory

This module is our set up for the Liberation Journey it will provide structure, engage our imagination on what the destination might be, set the direction, and help measure the progress.

Let’s imagine the destination conceptually and determine if we are motivated to move towards it.

Exercise 1

Reflect on the words:

liberation, freedom, flexibility, opportunity, power, priviledge, right, ability

Contrast with:

captivity, incompetence, restraint, limitation, responsibility, suppression, confinement, slavery

Read the words - this time imagining a character for each word
Read the words - create a scene, with color, smell, temperature

Explore the aspects of human life page and feel which ones can benefit from more freedom.

Capture this by writing a short reflection or recording as audio.

If you've signed up on the course page I'll ask if you can share this reflection.

Let’s begin developing our map.

Where are we now?
What landmarks, obstacles, comforts and opportunities surround us?
How do we use tools to navigate and measure our movement through the landscapes?
What landscapes might we pass on our journey?

I’ll put an example together and hope that you personalize it for yourself.

How can we navigate and measure our movement?

  • Using metrics
  • Engaging the unconscious (dreams)
  • Observing patterns