Liberation Map

A personal example of creating my Map with regards to the theme of Liberation.

Understand the example and personalize it for yourself.

Where am I now?

Why am I using these categories?

Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Career/Income: Writing ($0/mo) & investing (8%/yoy). Temporarily retired from tech work.
Family: In good health, good financial standing
Friends: Happy community of workers, locals, and travelers. International online community of friends
Love: Actively engaging new interests in partners and learning
Service: Helping at local efforts. Vipassana service on hold temporarily due to c19.
Finances: No debts, emergency fund set, savings covering the near future, investments performing for the distance.
Travel/Adventure: Moto to nature nearby, flights to urban areas
Possessions: Hotel (rented), motorbike (rented), iPad, phone, backpack
Other Goals:
Surf - Stand on 5 waves in a session
Meditate - Daily practice, teach one class per week
Income - Grow my investment return to double my current spending

What are my most recurring responsibilities?

  1. protecting my body & belongings
  2. eating well
  3. spending time: meditating, writing, adjusting investments, engaging people
  4. paying attention to: friends, nature, economic markets, global events
  5. sharing: gratitude, wisdom, love, time

What landmarks, obstacles, comforts and opportunities surround me?

Landmarks are recognizable situations to help me identify I've been here before.

In the current case I observe i'm surrounded by a transient crowd, tendencies to get pulled into social events, lack of pressure to pursue income.

I spend a lot of time reading and researching concepts related to the world beyond  human life i.e. before and after human life.

Obstacles are challenges that separate me from my goals. Things we aim to fix or overcome.

Surf - Feeling inertia to go out on the water when waves are good.
Meditation - Not following a consistent schedule or planning ahead.
Income - Heavy resistance to  findinga new job in tech. Lacking confidence and technique to grow my investments.

Comforts are the things that need to be sacrificed for the journey to begin.

Keeping my schedule completely open makes me feel free but impacts my progress.

Opportunities are the potential paths for progress.

Schedule time blocks for surfing, meditation, investment courses.
Commit with a friend or coach for specific recurring times.
Reach out to more successful investors for training and resources.

What discourages my journey?


Apathy: Feeling like the benefit will be very incremental and require a lot of  work

Shame: How many times I’ve tried and failed