I came alone
To a paradise
Knowing only nomads
In digital space

Connections open
Links established
We uploaded our thoughts
And stacked our calendars
High frequency gatherings
Hard drives for adventures
Operating with altered states
Processing our traumas
New experiences downloaded
The network was growing
Our software evolved
We developed our feelings
Pixelated intentions
Became retina clear
The shared cloud - we thought
Could not contain fear

The system seemed perfect
When malware invaded
Our games got glitchy
Our parties partitioned
The volleyballs we tapped
Over a net
That didn’t stop the transmission

An antivirus with no updates
The pop-ups were saying
“Shut down your programs
Accept the procedures
RUN home and take cover
A spray of infection
Will void the warranty
Terminate the algorithms
That calculate your love
And exit the window
of your life”

I found myself running slow
High temperature fear
Would light up my nerves
Liquid cooled fevers
Would shake up my head

Some friends come
With terms and conditions
Some love comes
With a temporary trial
I avoid recurring membership fees
And endless scrolling feeds

Some old systems crashed
And can’t be recharged
Set a reminder
“We do not live forever”
Spend time Pay attention
Value the power
Because the battery drains
And what you haven’t done
You will do never

Freedom to live
Freedom to love
Seek pardon
Give gratitude
Be happy
To all