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I find myself grateful for the trust and and encouragement to share my gifts

Certificate of Completion for the Intensive Course in the Krohnengold Method
The bodywork session with Adrian was a beautiful experience leading me through different stages and awarenesses of connecting deeper to my body.
I definitely felt my nervous system more regulated, more balanced and much lighter afterwards. I left with more space in my body to expand into and connect to deeper.
Thank you Adrian for your wonderful energy, presence and gift 🤍
Puerto Escondido, 2023
There are qualities within our youth that give me an immense amount of hope for the future humans of planet earth. Adrian is one of these stellar, young men who shines. Adrian is a full on warrior, who is choosing to walk a conscious path whilst applying his great heart and care to those around him. It is my great and good fortune to be a recipient of Adrian’s wisdom and care. He looks out for me in these wilds of Mexico we live in. Feels good to know he’s around. When I share time with Adrian, I find myself in wonder asking myself,”who here is the student? And, who is the teacher? He is often teaching me new maps of consciousness through his ways and studies. I love being around a human like Adrian who catalyzes my growth and development in new and deeper avenues. He’s the kind of human that inspires other humans to become better characters quite naturally by how he is and lives. Imagine my joy at being invited to receive his new offerings of body work and healing! I had a great 90 minute session with him a few weeks ago. He has the gift of connected, skilled, grounded touch that transmits safety with strong positive energy. I would highly recommend working with Adrian if you are serious about transforming your life, taking better care of yourself and becoming an authentic, healthy steward of our planet and our people. Be sure to expose yourself to Adrian’s growing understanding of Natural Law. This is worth the price of admission!
With Warmth and Gratitude,
Candice Dugan
Mexico. 2023

Highly recommend Adrian's massages ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Puerto Escondido, 2022