Comedy Show: Fabrica de Cargajadas

Comedy Show: Fabrica de Cargajadas

This was a long time in the making...

After an initial spur of inspiration I almost completely forgot about this ambition to put together a comedy show and perform which started in January of 2021.

I got a second wind of motivation when a friend announced he was leaving Puerto and he had expressed interest in doing the show.

So the actual logistics of the show came together in about 3 days... I went for supper at a cliffside bar that had nice service and a stage. Got the contact for the manager. He replied affirmatively and promptly. It was just a matter of getting mics and people to show up.


Here is the result in audio format. Hopefully many more to come :)

Also searchable on Spotify/ Apple/ Google with the title ADKO: Fabrica de Cargajadas #1

And some pics why not...

Full story  starts here:

And then a few months later...