"Self Esteem" or "Self Rue"

"Self Esteem" or "Self Rue"

Note 2020-07-16: This is old and weird....

"As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death" - Leonardo da Vinci

This way of thinking is more action oriented rather than finding excuses for why you can't before you try.

People tend to think that successful people have a high "self-esteem". accepting self esteem as a factor to how you act is a mistake, it can only bring you down, it's like a measurement of how sorry a person is for themselves.

Lets say I don't do things that make me sorry. the reason I am who I am is because of the most important person in MY life...

I like to think life is like a narrative, and I am the author (in my case). Being the author i have the power to write this narrative however I want, and how else would I write it?

In addition to all this, when you have a problem, any kind of problem that you may or may not understand or feel that you have the power to change. You change your point of view. If you're thinking about your problems, in result you will have more problems, and when you realize you have more problems, you will think even more, soon enough you'll die with a life of regret.

On the other hand, once you have a problem, instead of thinking about it, you can think straightly to the solutions without sympathizing over it.
You can think about something new that would make your life better.
So going back to self-esteem, if you think about how shitty you feel, you’re screwed. Do something.