Reflecting On Education

Reflecting On Education

The education systems layers from a zoomed-out level goals might be as follows

Primary level education - to introduce us to the formalities and norms of the environment we landed in. Particularly human society and culture.

Secondary level education - to introduce us to culture in the new light of our developing personality. To understand the systems of culture which we are subject to.

University level education - to enable the environment that we may1 choose a system of knowledge to grapple with intimately. To find the limits of our personal power in the face of a structured body of knowledge as it relates to time, space, and the light of human conciousness.

The reality of our times, and the eventuality Frye warned against, that education would devolve to shape students into conformity units. To establish them so that they resist the corruption of education and a free mind... has come to pass.

Art, and its eventual convergence with academia is another failed experiment in the institutional sense. Art has become largely a consequence of the same dogmas and censorship that plague education.

There may be a beautiful opportunity for a combined art and education approach to light a new path towards free thinking. A balance of left/right brain engagement on topics through the immersive multimedia experience now available in palm sized screens and noise-cancelling earbuds... a combination with a kind of multi-media translator could allow a new depth of understanding of culture, philosophy and art both old and new.

A personal reflection of mine is my imminent dive into the world of education. In a direct way I feel it's long overdue that I formalize a method to point others towards the sources of truth and beauty that I set my compass towards.