Newspeak is here

Newspeak is here

I woke up in a prison this morning. I was in a room with a comfy bed and a laptop. I had food, internet access, and coffed. Even my girlfriend had been over for some time. The weather was great, and the sunshine through my window kept my room warm most of the day.

I slept in and was well rested. I got a few calls from friends today, drank coffee, and watched some videos/podcasts. I meditated, I read, I took a cold bath.

It was a good day - I had felt a spark. It was this feeling as if I had some control. As if I could do what I wanted. I tried to hold onto it but it slipped away. I tried saying something about it but I couldn't make a sound. I wanted to hear myself say something about it - but I'm not sure there as anything to be said.

What have you said lately? To who? Who was listening? Who heared?

I woke up