Joyful NowHere

An all inclusive training retreat to escape limitations and live a location independent and resourcefully secure life.

Joyful NowHere

Introducing an experimental concept. Joyful NowHere is a 4-6 week in person transformation program.

The training is for people who want to assert their independent sovereignty and break free from the powers of coersion at every level of their lives.

The Mission

By the end of the training you will be able to go to any place that delights your spirit, to connect with the community, to find meaningful work, to feel powerful and free.

The Joyful NowHere training is an all inclusive experience

The schedule is customized with daily activities to fit around your work/remote schedule.

The full plan includes:

  • discovering internal space (massage, sound, aromatherapy, natural healing)
  • nature (hiking, ocean, hot springs, horse riding, camping)
  • mindset training (meditation, focus coaching, language, internal dialogue)
  • movement (massage, yoga, surfing, hiking, martial arts)
  • social events (connection, community)
  • new skills (painting, crafting, music, chess, expression)
  • volunteering and giving (food bank, community initiatives, animals)

All activities are customized to you. The goal is to have a lot of great options and to balance between different types learning and expression.

The Escape Plan

  1. Sign up to schedule a quick call to learn more about upcoming openings, pricing and if this training is a good fit for you
  2. We will establish the dates, share the customized schedule, and prepare all the preflight steps including a detailed escape plan
  3. We will help with any preflight anxiety, and provide any nescessary coaching for you to feel confident and excited to take this leap towards freedom
  4. See you soon :)