Impending Wave

These waves are coming, can we learn to rise above.

Impending Wave

The waves are coming my friends... Waves of harsh truths... Harsh and hard in the loving way... The way nature loves you... Not personal.

Well I see so many sufferring... can you accept why?

We need some new ways to communicate... back to basics... things got a little too wierd.

I propose a signal...

For those of us willing to defend our personal rights and freedoms. Our own. AND to accept responsibility to tolerate and respect the rights and freedoms of others. With love.

I propose a vertical line... to start with.

Place one vertical line however prominantly you can afford yourself. On those materials, actions, and procedures that limit your rights and freedoms.

Let us come to see that these vertical lines unite us on the question of standing up for ourselves. Speaking up. To take charge of our own rights and freedoms.

This symbol will allow us to gain strength... when we can look around and see that we have others standing with us.