How to help c19

How to help c19

Hey love,

How are you? What’s bringing you joy lately?

You might’ve noticed I’ve been pretty quiet in the last while as i tried to wrap my head around what is going on and the right steps forward.

After deliberate research my current thoughts are that we need to organize with our communities to support each other and create a generous love culture.

How I think of it:

1. Take inventory of the situation.
PAY ATTENTION to the wellbeing internally (mental, physical, emotional) and externally(food, shelter, family, friends, community). Check in at least daily or better yet try every breath and every moment.

2. Figure out what is lacking and TAKE ACTION.
Reach out for help and support (friends, family, community and government) - early, clearly and firmly.

3. Establish the relationships that will support you and GIVE anything that doesn’t serve you back - find someone to CARE for.
Share generously and lovingly.

4. SPEND TIME helping others and understanding how they are affected.
Share knowledge, resources, care.
Grow food and give it away.
Make art and share it.
Teach others your skills (online or in person when possible). Spread a message of strength, solidarity and encouragement.
BUILD value in the community.
Share freely as much as possible.

I hope we will put in the work together to explore gratitude, generosity and curiosity towards truth, love, awareness, action, tolerance, patience and (more) ACTION.

Which of the above steps deserve attention right now? Let me know how i can help 🤩

With love ❤️