I started this website around my ideas (and obsession) about freedom.

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The Method and Mission

Like A Well Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep, A Well Spent Life Brings Happy Death
Joy isn’t fought for, it’s made. To us, spiritual enrichment is a science. Wedon’t believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect. Our method focuseson experiences with measurable sensations, not mysticism. We follow data andimpact, not perceptions. We do experiential learningThe popular …

III Practical Freedom

Practical Freedom
This page is home for a course on increasing freedom in the various aspects ofhuman life. I will venture to outline directions for seekers on the path of freedom to haveclear outcomes and make their journey more enjoyable with respect to challengesand time. ⚠️ ⚠️ Not everyone benefits from incr…

II Untangled Sage

Untangled Sage
a manual for turning on the light in your life to inspire others attracting all levels of human consciousness LevelsThe course is structured using 9 levels that cover states of consciousness1. 8 curiosity / courageThese states of conciousness lie at the middle of our conciousness map. They are…

I Joyful NowHere

An experiential program to challenge who you are and who you can become...

Joyful NowHere
An all inclusive training retreat to escape any limitations and live a location independent and financially secure life.