Chacahua Adventure

Chacahua Adventure

Everything is just more wild there.
The cabañitas were getting rocked by the big storm when we arrived.
Rain blowing horizontal all through the night.

I slept like a baby the first night.

The food was delicious and cheap.
Almost everything with pescado or camaron.

We went on a short hike to the lighthouse.
The view from there reveals a landscape of palms on hills and mangroves lining the swamp for miles.
It makes me think of scenes in movies from Vietnam...
Aside from the beach most of it is untouched nature.

We swam across the bay where the ocean feeds the swamp.
Then eventually went to a bioluminescence tour at night.

Without the moon the stars were lit so bright.
A thunderstorm was sending flashes from a distance.
And the water was lighting up as we swam and splashed around.
You could see around you jumping fish by the appearance of the glow.

One of the couples decided to fuck in the water on the unpopulated side of the boat haha.
Those guys also fucked in the lighthouse when everyone else went down.
We waited semi-patiently and warned another couple about going up the stairs prematurely.

Then the party I told you about...
Two Mezcals made me forget the conditions of my feet and I stomped the wooden dock dance floor late into the night to the sound of Pitbull and various reggaeton.

I took a girl to my cabaña that was from Mexico city...
Even while being barely able to walk at this point.
She was super cute with powerful hips.
I had some anxiety about what we were gonna do because I wasn't open to have a one night stand.

After a short swim and having ocean crabs clap at our heels we arrived to the cabana.
I responded with relief when she shared that she was in a period of celibacy which had lasted the previous 8 months and wanted just to cuddle and make out.
The boys the next morning wanted details that I didn't have.

In that time the guys found themselves in a bit of drama.
The couple that were fucking everywhere throughout the day, being inclined to promiscuity, the girl was touching and flirting with other guys in the group.

After the dancing they all went on the ocean to cool off naked and she took the opportunity to wrap her legs around another guy in the water asking for help to stay afloat.

I wasn't there for that part.
The next day as I was planning to leave the hurt guy asked me if I could take his girl with me on the trip back.
The irony of the question made me smirk like a total idiot.
Anyways, it wasn't possible.

I committed to take a boat with some of the new friends from the island.
They were "leaving" at 4pm.
Leaving to them meant they needed to do some quick interviews in the village...
The quick interviews went until sunset and then they sent up a drone to film the sunset,
from the dock all the way to the lighthouse.

At this point it was getting dark.
We went back to one of the local huts where one of the interviews was filmed earlier and shared a feast of tamales con camaron.
I think I've never had shrimp that tasted so rich.
I was overwhelmed by my luck to experience Chacahua from this angle.
At that time, I was thinking to return to the cabañita untill the next morning.

It was totally dark at this point.
And I wasn't sure I'd even arrive to the same port where the moto was.
The prospect of navigating a taxi driver to the right place without any recorded names intimidated me.

As I was contemplating my next move,
the new team of travelers started whipping out contracts which were signed by most of the men at the table.
They were doing some kind of land transfer agreement.... I thought it was a joke.
This continued and now we had to go get signatures from some men at another house.

I followed all of this limping around.
Eventually we got in the boat.
We took off, passing again through the swamp where the bioluminesence shined, and then cruised through the sections where the sea moss was reaching the top of the water, threatening to stall the motor.

I arrived late but at a dock that was only a 10 minute walk to my motorbike.
I woddled over through the landside village.
The rest of the team was taking a taxi back to Puerto.
And I hooked them up with my landlord to take a room at the same hotel since they had no arrangements for the night.

I picked up my moto around 10:30pm.
Topped up gas. Made my way back.
By the time I saw Bienvenido a Puerto Escondido I was starving and exhausted.

I stopped at a taco place, it was just before midnight.
I took two orders to-go, let myself into Pantai and feasted alone in my room.

The others went to Zicatela and ended up getting tacos and finding another hotel there. Cool.