This year is off to an explosive start... From seeing my life flash before my eyes when a firework backfired into a propane tank on NYE to the humbleness of my second time adjusting to the mexican food (read: 🤮💩) I've been starkly reminded not to take health and life for granted.
I'm experiencing new places, new friends, and a lot of learning.

The vulnerability of being a #nomad means i don't have the option to resist practicing a new language, and trusting people I've just met for a short time.

This kind of change makes me feel somehow transparent - like my past knowledge just dissolved into a new existence.

My mission is to grow my qualities and progress in my abilities to be helpful to others (#generosity, #virtue, #renunciation, #wisdom, #work-ethic, #patience, #truthfulness, #determination, #compassionate-love, and #equanimity)


Before making this post I initially wanted to do the kind of influencer-style post with some of the great experiences of the last few days

sunset beaches, hammocks, festivals, dancing, designer cocktails, extravagant plates of food... to encourage and remind my friends to join me on my travels and to create a FOMO that might inspire some to be more intentional with their lives.

What is becoming clearer to me is that although I can appreciate all of those wonders - they are not for sharing... I don't need more busyness.

Luxuries of beautiful landscapes and indulgent food are quite distracting in reality, sadly, so is meeting transient people.

We celebrate these things because in the constant discomfort of being nomadic these pleasures are the ones that others tend to point out as our blessings, the things they most envy.

It's good marketing & bad in practice.

So I came up with this picture... I'm happy, I'm challenged, I'm inspired to practice my meditation and develop my internal peace.

I'm reminded that no material luxury is sweeter than overflowing with compassion and love from inside.

This is what I really want to share.

Palm trees not required to enjoy.

Take time to go slow.

Look inside to develop your qualities.

Look outside to help others.

May you be happy.

May all beings be happy ❤️