You found a seed of LiberTree

You found a seed of LiberTree

The seed led you here.

LiberTree is a collective effort to transform this world...
by changing ourselves...
one behavior at a time.

To join this program read more on how to plant your seed.

Plant a Tree of Liberation

This is a place to start on the path towards getting the fruit of freedom, power, and connection.

All the great teachers of the past taught the same thing - Know Thyself.

My effort here is to translate the ancient wisdom into a usable form for modern people, my friends and family.

Tangible Tools For Spiritual Beings

LiberTree breaks wisdom down to basic steps (like a map) and tells you how to follow them to establish an enlightenment practice.

Get ancient knowledge, gain atomic-precision awareness, join a community of sages and reprogram your brain for supreme consciousness.

LiberTree is a real-life mentorship program to reprogram your life, your brain, and engage your spirit.

The program will take the shape of a game.

Similar to role-playing video games - except everything is real.

Get Ready To Play

To start in this new adventure use the form below (or this link).

You will get the next steps... within 24 hours... if the seed is valid.

For additional support at this stage contact the person who shared the seed with you.

While you wait for the next steps you can read more about the Methodology.