Farewell Puerto

Amigos :)

It's starting to dawn on me that I'm leaving this paradise soon...
for a undetermined amout of time...
probably florida, toronto, eu, before i return... let's predict...
mid of next year?

I’m gonna find a portal out of this vortex of surf bums and beach boobies into the world of corona lockdowns and winter weather.
Sometimes I ask myself why...
but then I know family comes first <3

Meanwhile... Looking to recruit some member for my plans of a global revolution against the forces of individual freedom... If you feel like

  • personal power,
  • individual freedom, and
  • institutional anarchy

are right for you... let’s grab a coffee while I’m still here.

Otherwise.... Camping Saturday, guiding some Dimensional Mind Trips next week, and gonna pass through Chiapas before I get very far away.

Let me know if you wanna join me for any of these or any other ideas to fill my schedule before I bid y’all farewell.

Finally, I have some books, shirts, a gas bbq, and miscellaneous items to get rid of before I depart... Let me know if you wanna peruse any of the items. Starting bid at $0 for any and all.